If you don’t see a class that works for you, you can build one that fits!


Build Your Own Pottery Class


Private Classes: You can work one-on-one with your pottery teacher for specialized instruction, or bring your trusted friends or family to share the cost and reduce your tuition.  These private craft classes are fantastic for groups of friends, family activities, team building, and birthday parties or events.


Make it Public: Schedule a class at a time that works for you, and choose to make the class “Public.”  This will allow others the opportunity to join your class.  It’s a great way to meet new people and share the cost of the class as others join in.

BYO Pottery Class Tuition Rates 

Number of Students 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hourly rate per person $45/hour     $22.50/hour     $21.60/hour $18.70/hour      $17/hour     $15.80/hour
Tuition per person for a 10-hour class $450 $225 $216 $187 $170 $158


A $100 tuition deposit is due at registration to reserve your seat. Tuition balances will be due 4 days before your class begins and enrollment credits will be processed at that time. A full refund less a 10% registration fee will be given if you withdraw from a class more than 7 days prior to the first day of class.  No refund will be given after that time.  We reserve the right to cancel classes due to circumstances beyond our control.  In the event of a cancellation a credit or full refund will be given.


Adult Classes

Pottery on the Wheel 

Perfect for beginners and intermediates alike! These classes are an excellent introduction to pottery making, as well as a great way to improve your skill. Students will explore wheel throwing, trimming, making handles, decorating and glazing techniques.

Teacher: Jennie Blair, Karissa Masse, or Gabe Ohlsen   Ages: teen-adult   Level: Beginner-Intermediate  Time:10 hours

Lids and Spouts

An advanced class for potters who are ready for the next step!  Students in this class will learn a variety of different approaches to making spouts and lids for a variety of vessels.  Explore what you can do with casseroles, teapots, chowder bowls, cookie jars and more! Two 12-hour classes are recommended as a prerequisite for this advanced class.

Teacher: Jennie Blair or Karissa Masse   Ages: teen-adult   Level: Advanced  Time:10 hours

Easy Plates on the Wheel

Throwing plates on the wheel can be physically demanding and anticlimactic, but not with this technique!  Learn some hybrid wheel /slab-roller cheats to make plates simple and fun.  A great way to stock your kitchen with your own stack.

Teacher: Karissa Masse   Ages: teen-adult   Level: Advanced  Time: 6 hours

Bottles and Vases

Want to take it higher? Improve your throwing skills and learn to make tall narrow forms with tips and tricks to help you draw the clay up higher, to make bottles, vases, or pitchers.  This class will help get you to the next level!  One 10-hour class is recommended as a prerequisite for this intermediate-advanced class.

Teacher: Jennie Blair or Karissa Masse   Ages: teen-adult   Level: Intermediate-Advanced  Time:10 hours


“Sgraffito,” (in Italian,“to scratch”) is a unique surface decorating technique done by applying colors to the leather hard pottery, and then scratching off layers to create contrasting images, patterns, and textures, revealing the clay color underneath.  Learn this fun technique and create a colorful tile to hang on the wall!  This class is great for seasoned pottery students and beginners alike.

Teacher:  Karissa Masse   Ages: teen-adult   Level: Beginner-Advanced  Time: 3 hours

Kids Classes  

Giving Gnome

Learn basic hand building techniques and make an adorable Giving Gnome! This is a great project for children, as well as adults, so bring the whole family!  Your Giving Gnome can help your kids save money, or support your favorite charity.  

Teacher: Karissa Masse   Ages: 6-adult   Level: Beginner-Intermediate  Time: 6 hours

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